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Q: How Does Work?

A: Our proprietary technology allows you to host your bar’s very own Mug Club or Loyalty Program. Once you’ve signed up for our service you’ll be provided a secure login identify to our manager’s portal website. The portal will allow you to build your beer list, add prizes, and customize all the features of your Mug Club. Every time you update your club our cloud-based software syncs with our app, which is available for free via Apple or Android phones and tablets. Your customers will access the club via the app, check off the beers they consume, and be on their way to becoming loyal and consistent patrons.

Q: So, the app is free?

A: Yes, the app is 100% free download for an unlimited number of your customers.

Q: Then what am I paying for?

A: In order to setup and host your Mug Club your bar will need an account in our network. The monthly fee will provide access to manage your portal, the ability to update your club from anywhere, and allow your customers to join your club via their free app.

Q: What if a beer I serve isn’t in your database?

A: We have a special email account,, where you can email us the name of the beer, the brewery, and ABV. Within 48 hours we’ll add the beer to our database and you’ll be able to access it via the management portal.

Q: What if one of my beers is out of stock or I stop selling a brand?

A: Your beer list can be updated at any time to indicate that a beer that is out of stock; just press a button and we’ll push an update to your customers’ app so they know you ran out. For any customers that already drank the beer, they will still continue to receive credit so long as you use the “out of stock” feature.

Q: Can I send push notifications to my customers?

A: Yes, Absolutely! By utilizing the management portal you can send push notifications to every customers who has downloaded the free app and joined your mug club. You can save messages and send them weekly, or you can do custom messages if you have a special event you want to advertise.

Q: What happens if I want to pause my service or my credit card accidentally is declined?

A: If you fail to make a payment your club will be temporarily locked, but all of your data and your customers’ progress will be saved for 60 days until your billing information is updated.

Q: How do I prevent my customers for claiming beers they didn’t drink?

A: Just like a loyalty program punch card, you or your employees will validate every beer your customers claim. Your employees can verify each of their customer’s beers via a website they can load on their phone or on a tablet you can keep behind the bar. Beers can be verified as they are drank, when your customers close their tab, or at the end of the night during close.

It’s time to raise a glass and join the club.

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